Our Services

FIST is set up in IIT Patna campus to facilitate the business ideas in the field of Agriculture, Energy, Manufacturing, Water Harvesting and other Innovative Engineering Product/Service. It provides state of the art facilities to the incubated start-ups to give them a head start in business. All possible needs of a start-up are taken care of from well-furnished office space and laboratory support for a successful commercial launch of product.

1. State of the art co-working space and business support

Companies selected for incubation will receive infrastructure support and business support, including, but not limited to,
  • Fully furnished office and communication facility, PCs, high speed internets.

  • Mentoring .

  • There is a standard process of reporting of the development, assessment mentoring after periodic interval here at FIST TBI by suitable body.

  • Domain expert.

  • Seed funding

  • Sometimes early stage startups/ business face financial crisis. TBI is committed to provided considerable fund to counter such obstacle coming in the way

  • Training program .

  • Access to ecosystem

  • Business support connect.


2. State of the art facilities for product development

  • Design, Dies and Development (3D) lab (high speed computing, design software) .

  • Machining and joining lab (CNC VMC machines, 3D printing, micro fabrication, laser machining, robotic welding setup) .

  • Department is equipped with Automatic CNC VMC machine with dedicated person for manufacturing purpose. It will enable us to get very standardized and precise milling process. This equipment will strengthen design and developing to its best form.

  • Measurement lab (3D measurement system, data acquisition systems) .

  • Testing and Calibration lab.

  • Wide range of testing and calibration instrument. Various type of data can be obtained to serve the need of meeting the standard.


1. CNC Vertical Milling Centre(Single spindle 3 axes )

  • Make- Haas CNC

  • Model- VF-2

  • Travel:-

    X axis-762 mm
    Y axis- 406 mm
    Z axis- 508 mm
  • Operations- Face milling, End Milling, Side and face milling, Drilling, Taping, Profile Machining.

  • Material- Metal and non-metal

2. 3D Printing machine

2. 3D Printing machine

  • Model- Aeqon 400 V3.

  • Build Size- 400mm X 300mm X 300mm

  • NOZZLE Diameter- 0.4mm – 0.8mm (optional)

  • Printing Speed- 200mm/s Variable as per materialprofile)

  • Accuracy- 80-250 Micron

  • Max Extruder

  • Temperature- 305°C

  • Dimensions- L- 730mm X W- 670mm X H- 900mm

  • Connectivity- USB, Wi-FI, Ethernet

3. Semi-automatic TIG/ MIG welding machine


  • Model- SPEEDTEC® 400SP

  • Operations/Processes- Pulsed MIG, MIG, Flux-Cored, Stick, Lift TIG, Gouging

  • Overall dimension (L x W x h)- 250 x 300 x 260 mm

  • 400V ± 15% 3-phase


4. Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Machine

  • Brand & Model – Omax, Model- GLOBALMAX 1508.

  • Footprint (without pump, controller) : 5’3” x 9’2” (1.60 m x 2.78 m)

  • Weight (tank empty) : 3,100 lb (1,406 kg)

  • Height (with whip plumbing) : 7’4” (2.2 m)

  • Operating Weight (with water in tank) : 5,290 lb (2,400 kg

  • Maximum weight of workpiece: 400 Kg.

    X-Y Cutting Travel : 2’7” x 5’0” (800 mm x 1,525 mm)
    Z-Axis Travel : 5” (125 mm)
    Table Size : 2’10” x 5’5” (864 mm x 1,645 mm)

5. 3D Scanner

  • Points per scan : 6 million

  • Point distance : 0.129 mm

  • Travel

  • Measuring area : 400 x 250 mm²

  • Working distance : 500 mm

  • Light source : LED

  • Software : GOM Inspect .

  • Application: 3D printing, Reverse engineering & manufacturing,
    Virtual display or 3D models. Research and education, Art and heritage, Design, Healthcare


6. Measuring Equipment

S/no. Instrument Range/Description. Least Count
1 Dial Indicator With Stand 0-2mm 0.01mm
2 Vernier Caliper 0-300mm 0.02mm
3 Outside Micrometer 0-25mm 0.01mm
4 Outside Micrometer 25-50mm 0.01mm
5 Outside Micrometer 0-50mm 0.01mm
6 Outside Micrometer 150-300mm 0.01mm
7 Bore Gauge 18-160mm 0.01mm
8 Combination Set 0-90 degree any angle
9 Pitch Gauge 0.35-6mm 60*
10 Steel Rule 12"
11 Height Gauge 0-300 mm 0.02

7. Testing Instruments

S/no. Instrument Description.
1 Digital Oscilloscope Model No-SDS2104X
2 Universal IC Tester For analog or digital IC Testing
3 LCR Meter Model No-U1733C
4 Multi-channel Function Generator Model No-MFG-2230M